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COVID-19 Research and Studies

COVID-19 Research and Studies

One Med Chart Research and Studies leverages blockchain technology architecture to support precision health targeting specific diseases like COVID-19. People can elect to sign up through One Med Chart’s research and studies. This innovative method allows people to be part of helping find cures while never compromising the safety and security of their health information (ePHI).

Using One Med Chart, people can opt-in anonymously to be part of research and studies. The BCHIE’s algorithms connect participants to the researchers conducting the study. It does this through wearable devices, medical devices, and sharing health information, successfully tracking and reporting specific changes and data analytics to the researchers.

One Med Chart’s Blockchain Health Information Exchange (BCHIE) Architecture is HIPAA compliant and interoperable with all health information exchanges and electronic medical record systems.

One Med Chart uses encryption, hashing, database technologies, Ionic, Angular, JSON, and many others to create a framework that lets people choose what health information to share. Our goal is to save lives. We give our users control. Because we employ revolutionary technologies, people can pick what research or studies they would like to be part of. One Med Chart’s algorithms safeguard ePHI.