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    Blockchain Health Information Exchange (BCHIE) Architecture

    The BCHIE™ leverages blockchain technology offering solutions to health information exchanges, interoperability, security, transparency, patient matching, consumer engagement, fitness, data analytics, and research and studies .

Our Services

Research And Studies

One Med Chart Research and Studies leverages blockchain technology architecture to support precision health targeting specific diseases like COVID-19. This innovative method allows people to be part of helping find cures while never compromising their health information.

Real-time Communications

Our team works with you on your time. We use collaboration tools to allow the best real-time communication. It is important to make sure that our clients always have access to us.

Scalability and Support

We work with our clients based on their requirements. We have continuous support and provide software that can scale if needed. We achieve this by always having someone on call and using the most reliable Cloud service providers.

Our Process

We clearly communicate with our customers to ensure requirements are met. However, we use innovative technologies to provide the latest world-class health information systems.

Consult Our Experts

Tell our BCHIE experts your Health Information system’s requirements, and we will build the system to your specifications while making the latest Health Information standards available on your platform.

Continuous Reporting

We dedicate ourselves to keeping you informed during and after the development process. We provide an open communication stream, so you can reach us any time. We are committed to giving you real-time reports and answering any of your questions or concerns.

Own Your Data

Once we complete your project to your exact specifications you will have access to all your data.

Industry Experience

Our software developers are Health Information experts. We understand the environment to offer industry-standard solutions. In turn, patients’ Health Information is secured on the blockchain while achieving interoperability.

Added Value

We strive to put the customer first. Our governance ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability to provide the best outcomes for our clients. We achieve customer satisfaction by valuing our customers, treating them well, maintaining communications, and meeting deadlines.